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HCA 12.1.62
Released 09-April-2015

V12 Features

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Read about using Windows Home Server and the Shuttle X50V2. Very cool stuff!

The Home Control Assistant (HCA) is a Windows based home automation program that works with a variety of automation interfaces to control lights, appliances, irrigation, HVAC and more. With HCA's Scheduling and Green Mode features you can easily save money, reduce electrical usage, conserve water and improve safety by automating your home.

Interestied in participating in the HCA 13 pre-release program? All details on the version 13 Pre-Release page

The Home Control Assistant offers three different flavors, each one has different capabilities for your home automation needs. Check out the Flavor Comparison chart for details on supported devices and features included in each flavor.

In one inclusive package HCA Plus provides for creation and operation of simple to complex automation designs. The top 20 feature list:

  1. Integrates Insteon, UPB, ZWave, and X10 power line technologies
  2. Provides a foundation to integrate IP and serial based devices that communicate in any protocol
  3. Supports IP addressed IR interfaces from GlobalCache and BitWise
  4. Supports whole-house wireless
  5. Can be used in a client-server mode with multiple simultaneous read-write clients for complete local and remote access to design
  6. Includes a web component for access remotely via mobile and desktop browsers
  7. Client for Android phones for remote or in-house access
  8. Multiple Schedules created by a visual scheduling tool
  9. Unlimited number of programs to respond to events. Constructed in a graphical manner from over 60 different actions
  10. Supports text based scripts in any scripting language that can utilize the extensive HCA object model
  11. Touch screen interface creates a simplified control oriented user interface
  12. Integrate into the HCA user Interface views of other applications: security, power management, and cameras using HTML views
  13. Send email and SMS messages as part of a program action
  14. Create and view Insteon scenes in a graphical manner and remotely program those scenes into Insteon devices
  15. Bridge power line technologies by using multiple power line interfaces simultaneously. Create bridge maps to automatically translate between different technology commands
  16. Integrates weather data from web based or weather station sources
  17. Powerful "whole house modes" for quick power saving programming
  18. Background design checker quickly locate design problems
  19. Configurable Alert Mechanism for handling exceptional conditions
  20. Many tools for creating, viewing, modifying, and documenting the design
  21. HCA is well documented in extensive User Guide

Home Control Assistant Touch Screen Interface Home Control Assistant Power Track Graph Home Control Assistant Visual Programmer Home Control Assistant Visual Scheduler

With Home Control Assistant some of the things you can do include:

  • Turn on outside and entryway lights at dusk everyday, or before you get home from work on weekdays.
  • Dim hall lights, turn on a ceiling light, and turn on the children's night light at a preset time each evening.
  • Select which lights should turn off when you leave your house.
  • Automatically send emails based on a schedule or event.
  • Conserve water by having your irrigation system delay watering when it rains.
  • Schedule the hot tub filter and/or heater to run the right amount of time depending upon the season.
  • Turn on the room lights all at the flick of one switch and turn them all off again when you're done.
  • Schedule your bedrooms lights to slowly come on over several minutes to awake you each week day instead of being woken by an alarm clock.
  • Turn all the lights in your house on or off when you press one switch at your bedside.
  • Integrate into one solution weather stations, thermostats, irrigation, programmable switches and downloadable controllers.
  • Easily handle power failures by restoring the previous state of your home when power is restored.
  • Control lights and appliances based upon what state your home is in: Are you home? Are you away? Are you asleep?
  • And much, much more! Check out the Features section for more details.

Home Control Assistant has a user-friendly interface that employs a true Windows® approach. Drag and drop programming, quick-start wizards as well as display backgrounds allow you to place all of your devices on a floor plan just as they sit within your house. Check out the Features page for a great summary about this product, or experience the power and flexibility of HCA with a Free Trial.