Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

Support for the Amazon Alexa Connected Home is built on top of the HCA client-server facilities. Running as an Amazon Web Service, the HCA Skill (Amazon name for this component) provides the bridge between Alexa and the HCA Server.

One the HCA skill is enabled in your Alexa account, and HCA configured with the words for devices and program you will use when talking to Alexa, you can then use all the Alexa connected home features.

These are the phrases you can use with Alexa, using "Kitchen light" as an example.

  1. Discover: "Alexa, discover my devices"
  2. Turn On: "Alexa, turn on the kitchen light"
  3. Turn Off: "Alexa, turn off the kitchen light"
  4. Brighten: "Alexa, brighten the kitchen light"
  5. Dim: "Alexa, dim the kitchen light"
  6. Set: "Alexa, set the kitchen light to 50%"

For thermostats:

  1. "Alexa, set Great Room thermostat to 72 degrees"
  2. "Alexa, increase Great Room thermostat by 4 degrees"
  3. "Alexa, decrease Great Room thermostat by 8 degrees"

It is important to know that when Alexa is linked with HCA you can "Turn on" and "Turn off" programs as well as HCA groups and devices. Turning ON a program starts it with an ON trigger. Turning OFF a program starts it with an OFF trigger. If you control a room with Alexa then the devices in the room are controlled as you have configured them in the "room" options of the the devices in the room.

Using Alexa with room and program control moves your interaction beyond simple single device control into a way to start complex scenarios by voice.

Alexa is currently available with the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Fire TV remote with voice. Amazon will probably add Alexa support into many other devices as times goes on.